Best VPN service providers for Android

After some time of using my Android phone, I hit a giant wall. Content blocade in certain countries in our World. Did you know that if you go to China most of your web will be gone… And even if there wasn’t any “great firewall” there are other issues from your internet service provider like HBO access area, or iBBC… Solution for this problem is VPN. What VPN actually do is mask your identity and gives you IP address from country you want. So you could be in south pole, but your Android will think its in US, UK, or any other place in world, you will still need an internet connection to do it. Here is list of hand picked provider that I found on my way of digging under the wall.

1. Hide My Ass!

A VPN service with great brand name, and service that I use today.  There are many reasons for me switching to it, first of many is support of Open VPN protocol so I could use it on all of my devices, and unlimited data. Also neat feature is that they provide only one plan, so no need for any confusion and choosing which one to get. So they have 256 servers in 49 countries. With amazing 29,500 available IP addresses.

So here are some specs:

  • 260 servers in 49 countries
  • Hide behind 29’500+ IP addresses
  • New IP every time you connect
  • PPTP / OpenVPN protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage
  • Android and iOS support

They plan is 11.52 $ a month with 43% off if you get 12 month contract for 78$. And that is a huge discount and it makes Hide My Ass my first choice for Best VPN service provider. So click here and get your new VPN for Android device.

2. Pure VPN

Pure VPN is founded in 2006 in Hong Kong, they say: We Do Not Just Provide VPN Service.. We Provide Freedom on the Internet…They have more than 50 servers, and they are located in 15 countries. They have Standard, PureGold and Unlimited plan. They support PPTP, L2TP and here is my experience with it.

I used Standard plan, only restriction on it is 30GB of data. So no torrenting or p2p sharing. Mostly that services are not used on phones. I was amazed by speed, youtube, facebook, twitter, skype… All apps and services I was using worked buttery smooth. This plan starts at 9.95 $ per month.

For those who wants to be able to switch between all gateways and servers they should use PureGold plan, and than could change between 15 countries as many times as you want. This plan starts at 15 $ per month. It also gives you dedicated IP. For unlimited traffic you have Unlimited plan that starts at 18 $ a month. I will write again, speed on Pure VPN was first class, everything was fast with no speed restrictions at all. More info about Pure VPN.

Also please share your opinion on this or other providers, and I will include them in this post. There are also some budget VPN providers, and if I get my hands on them, you will get review of them here.

*Links to VPN providers are affiliate links, thank you for supporting this blog!


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  3. Peterson Kevin · July 8, 2012

    The deal is looking big. That’s why it will make a strong market due to its best VPN service. The combination between android and Hide My Ass creating an attractive service for consumers.

  4. best vpn service · July 18, 2012

    The deal is wanting huge. That’s why it’ll build a robust market owing to its best VPN service. the mix between android and conceal My Ass making a pretty service for customers.

  5. Robert Morrison · August 13, 2012

    I think Hotspot Shield is best for Internet security on my Android Device.

  6. Manoj · August 14, 2012

    There appear to be a few similar services like this, eg unblock-us. Would love to see a comparison!

  7. Garry st.fleur · December 3, 2012

    Trying to fix my play store

  8. vpn connect · August 15, 2013

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    shared this fantastic post at at this place.

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