Microsoft Partner Presentation

I’m probably writhing this in order to remind myself never to go to events like this again.
A few days ago, I stumbled upon Microsoft Partner Presentation. And unfortunately for me, it wasn’t as bad as I expected – it was a lot worse.

I can’t remember everything they said that day, but here are a few things:

They praised Steve Jobs a little bit, and said that Android took over “the invincible” iOS family.
However, users should not forget that their firm, Microsoft, had invented the consumerization of IT.
Also, Android or iOS don’t have the security nor the services and applications (they actually said that only they have secure services and applications).

Its really hard to write down all this stuff without screaming!

Then they switched to presenting new Windows 8

So, Windows 8 works on wire, wireless and on other means of communication. (? !??)
Everything that we need already exists in Windows 8.
Internet Explorer 10 comes in 2 different versions: metro and usual.
New METRO interface, with live boxes which were never seen before.
Applications are the core of Windows 8.
Applications now work together.
We have the application which is secure and looks like Twitter.
ARP processors can’t run all applications or services.
The first thing they presented on usual interface was Task Manager.
In order to be able to use Windows 8 we need to learn a new “sign” language.

It seems that we should all go and switch to Windows 8, because it’s “perfect” for everything.

And than they presented Microsoft Lync:

It’s a nirvana – I have everything on Lync!
Before Lync, Microsoft had to pay Verizon a 8,000,000.00 $ every year for audio conferences.
Instant messaging, audio and video calling/conferencing and telephony – Lync.
And you can do all that without exiting your running applications

Hm, has anyone here heard of Skype, oh they even bought it last year!?

And that was all, luckily. Problem with the conferences of this kind is that they do it in a kind of monologue – they are on one side, partners on the other. There can be no questions until the presentation is over, and no applause before they finish their chapter.

In the end it seems that they haven’t learned anything. Since someone was able to take the iOS down from the throne in just a few years, Microsoft is probably the next big target, next “invincible” to fall. And trying to stay on the throne with a few copies and tricks will not help them. Winter is coming!

My friend Nataša Đukanović was with me at this event and she wrote a great article in Montenegrin about it. It can be found here:

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